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  • Q. Does Music Serving the Word Ministries offer concerts, worship services, or dramatic presentations?
    A. The short answer is yes! MSW works closely with the organizers of every service or presentation to identify the artistry that most effectively meets their needs. In some cases, it's a full worship service that blends scripture, sermon, and music into a rich encounter with God. At other times, organizers choose a concert of sacred hymns, or Jazz Psalms concert for their event. The best way to discover how MSW can enrich your worship experience is to contact us and discuss your particular event!

  • Q. How is a MSW presentation different than other concerts?
    A. Music Serving the Word Ministries does more than "perform" in churches and community settings. Our first priority is to bring glory to God. As part of this, we work closely with local church leaders to craft presentations that enrich the spiritual lives of those in attendance. As a result, each event offers a unique encounter with Christ, renewing and refreshing those in attendance.

  • Q. How much does it cost to have Music Serving the Word come to my church?
    A. As careful stewards of the resources God provides, MSW works diligently to minimize our costs. This means events are carefully planned so transportation and lodging expenses can be shared whenever possible, keeping your investment to a minimum. For those churches or ministries that may have a difficult time meeting those costs, MSW will work creatively to find a way to make your event possible. Please don't let finances stand in your way! Contact us today so we can find a way to worship together!

  • Q. Does Music Serving the Word offer resources to help those in ministry?
    A. Yes! Music Serving the Word leads workshops and retreats specifically for those involved in church leadership. We work closely with denominations or churches to identify the needs of those involved. Based on that input, we design music workshops, worship encounters, devotionals, and spiritual renewal sessions - all with the purpose of refreshing those who minister in the name of Christ!

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Phone: (480) 575-1303

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Music Serving the Word is an outreach of MSW Ministries is a 501 (c) 3 organization 

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